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We Clean Windows, Screens, Sills, Skylights, Chandeliers, Gutters, and Roofs.

 We also Power Wash Houses, Decks, Fences, Pavers, Sidewalks and more!


kbCarpets look great and you took the extra effort to accommodate my crazy schedule! Thanks!"
- K Barrett Anchor 5, 6, and 10 pm, Fox 29 News Philadelphia




Appearances are everything!

The initial impression of your home is the most lasting impression.

When someone approaches your house or views it from the street with dirty windows, they may assume the home is dirty as well.

Clean windows can make the whole house feel cleaner.

Why clean Windows?

Besides the beauty factor, protecting your investment is just as important. Glass is a liquid and also porous, which is why it can become damaged over time if not properly maintained. Glass that is left untreated will eventually cost more to restore than to replace. Rain or sprinkler water can run over surfaces such as stucco, concrete, asphalt roofing, painted siding etc and deposit minerals and acids on to the glass surface. These harmful deposits are left to bake on the glass in our 90 degree and summer temperatures year after year.

Ever wonder how to clean the outside of the skylight or the windows that stretch to the top of the vaulted ceiling? Ever wonder how to remove tough grime without streaking? Today’s technology in tools and purified water systems makes this job easy for the professional. Let us un-muddy your view today!

Add these services at an extra cost:



· Screens power washed/vacuumed clean
· Sills wiped clean
· Lattice/ window grid removal/cleaning, vinyl or wood
Sky Lights cleaned

· Interior glass or mirrors
· Roof low pressure washing
· Frame detailing, track cleaning
· Gutter Cleaning


· Ceiling fans up to 10' dusted by hand, over 10' are high dusted with a pole
· Mirrors cleaned
· Flat glass foyer lights, outdoor lights
· Window detailing

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*Minimum of 30 windows

* Windows over 15 sq feet extra cost

*Sky light window cleaning available at an extra cost

*Chandelier cleaning available at an extra cost